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Today's business environment demands
a proactive mind-set.

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Historical financial performance is no predictor of future success. To avoid unnecessary crises, conserve capital and maximize profits, today's business owners must manage proactively.

Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. understands your challenges, pressures and opportunities.
Our team approach to accounting and consulting fosters cost-effective problem-solving, and our entrepreneurial attitude looks beyond number-crunching to the larger issues of long-term profitability and business success.

Accounting: Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. offers a full range of audited, reviewed and compiled financial statements -- all tailored to your specific reporting requirements and information needs. We help you interpret your financial information and apply it to every day management and effective strategic planning. Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. has received unqualified peer review reports since the program's inception in 1989. And you can rest assured that ECS accounting services conform to the stringent quality control standards set by the AICPA.

Consulting: Small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly challenged by rapidly changing technology, regulations, management techniques and financial requirements. Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. takes the time to truly understand these business issues. As complete business consultants, ECS can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations by identifying and analyzing problems quickly and offering timely, practical, cost-effective solutions.


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