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The Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. leasing partnership:
You do the leasing.
  We'll do the management.

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Sales and service alone won't make leasing profitable. You need effective portfolio management that addresses the complexities of lease taxation and accounting. That's where Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. steps in, with an outsourcing plan that improves your bottom line, while you focus on your core competency.

Edwin C. Sigel is one of the few U.S. CPA firms specializing in equipment leasing. We learned leasing in the trenches, building a $75 million leasing portfolio from the ground up. Today, the ECS team includes four Certified Lease Professionals (there are fewer than 250 nationwide), supported by state-of-the-art technology that puts the expertise you need at your fingertips, without inflating your payroll.






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