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Why Outsource?

Outsourcing responds to changing needs -- at every stage of business development: New businesses can avoid lengthy and costly start-ups. When mergers or consolidations prompt downsizing or liquidation, outsourcing can ease the transition. For established businesses, outsourcing reduces administrative costs and resolves performance issues that could undermine profitability and customer confidence.

Don't tie up valuable capital in specialized lease management software and personnel. Outsourcing to ECS puts the expertise you need at your fingertips, without inflating your payroll, and our accurate and timely reports promote sound decision-making that optimizes profitability.

Avoid the cost of building a leasing management staff. Outsourcing to Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. gives you direct access to four UAEL Certified Lease Professionals (there are fewer than 250 nationwide!), together with a full complement of CPAs and supporting staff with hands-on experience in leasing.

Piggy-back on ECS technology. ECS' investment in state-of-the-art leasing management software produces cost-efficiencies that in-house operations cannot match. We're already up and running with the industry's key software packages, and we regularly upgrade hardware and software, so technology obsolescence never consumes capital or stymies your operation.

Establish a valuable partnership. ECS is more than a vendor; we're members of your management team. Our experience with entrepreneurial businesses has taught us to work side-by-side with our clients, in secure and confidential relationships. We provide the two-way communication and dedication to your business you'd expect from salaried employees - with the value-added benefits of an association with a mature, financially stable firm known for its expertise in leasing management.

Pick and choose your solutions. ECS customizes services to address the specific challenges your leasing business faces. We can handle one step in the process or undertake the entire leasing management function. And because we're fully staffed at all times, we can expand or reduce your team to accommodate peaks and valleys in your work flow.

Quantify your management costs. Because you can easily track the fees and costs you pay to Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd., outsourcing provides the opportunity to stabilize and monitor overhead.

Focus on business priorities. Outsourcing to ECS means your management can concentrate on core competencies, while Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. helps develop effective, customer-centered business processes that directly enhance your bottom line.


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