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Focus on what you do best.
Let Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. do the rest.

Whether you lease high technology, farm machinery or medical equipment; whether you're a leasing company, broker, captive or community bank, ECS can design a lease management package that solves your everyday problems and improves your bottom line.



Accounts receivable management: Billing and lease administration are time-consuming and confusing.

Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. maintains your lease receivable records, including recording new leases, aging lease receivables, issuing monthly invoices, recording collections and categorizing data collected for sales tax reporting. We can also advise you regarding collection on past due accounts.
Monthly lease income schedules: The time, money, software and equipment you devote to tracking leases and preparing gross investment and lease income schedules may not be the best use of your resources. Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. maintains your gross investment, residual and unearned revenue schedules. We will prepare the journal entries necessary to record all new leases, lease revisions and terminations, and we can maintain your general ledger or reconcile your in-house general ledger to our schedules.
Financial statements and tax returns: The book/tax differences inherent in lease accounting delay monthly financials and annual tax returns - or make them appear inaccurate, and your accountant seems lost! Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. has the specialized expertise required to ensure timely, accurate statements and tax returns for the leasing industry. We will provide schedules to support the amounts of revenue and depreciation for both financial statements and income taxes, and we can help you prepare financial statements, income tax schedules and income tax returns, including multiple state returns.
Allocation of resources: Your company is not large enough to cost-justify an in-house specialist to address the special challenges of lease management. Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. can put the expertise you need right at your fingertips, without inflating your payroll. By providing critical financial management information in a timely fashion, we help you make sound decisions that optimize the profitability of your lease portfolio.
Sales taxes: With rates and filing deadlines varying from one city, county or state to another, tracking these obligations can be a monthly nightmare. Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. prepares your sales tax returns and provides detailed instructions to ensure timely filing. ECS can help prepare business applications for new filing jurisdictions and update your staff on changes in tax rates and filing requirements.
Property taxes: When you're dealing with more than 8,000 taxing jurisdictions, maintaining records by location, keeping current with filing requirements, and invoicing each lessee for the appropriate taxes can truly be a taxing experience. Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. uses state-of-the-art software to maintain your fixed asset schedules and prepare tax returns by jurisdiction. ECS tracks return due dates and deadlines for appealing assessed values, and our system also allocates liabilities by lessee for accurate invoicing.

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