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We invest in cutting-edge leasing software,
so you don't have to.

Lease Management Profitability demands efficient systems. To meet this requirement, Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. has invested more than $250,000 in state-of-the-art software products and hardware systems that manage the leasing process from start to finish.

Lease Plus, developed exclusively for asset-based equipment lessors, provides an integrated, Y2K-compliant lease accounting and equipment lease/asset management solution. LeasePlus gathers and monitors all the information associated with invoicing and collections, asset costs, lease earnings, cash receipts, and scheduling, then generates journal entries and reports that support the accounting process.

PTMS.gif (1492 bytes) The Property Tax Management System completely automates your property tax compliance process, including allocating assets by state and county, printing tax returns, tracking filing dates, monitoring assessments, tax bills and tax payments, and invoicing taxes to appropriate lessees. With PTMS supporting your operation, you can write leases throughout the nation, without worrying about variations in property tax laws or rates.

Taxware.gif (2241 bytes) Benchmarked as the most accurate in the industry today, the Taxware International Sales Tax System works with LeasePlus to calculate sales and use tax and produce audit trails for both management and compliance reporting, allowing total automation of the sales tax process. And with regular monthly updates downloaded from Taxware, you won't need to worry that your company is missing sales tax rate changes that could cause problems down the road.

Nova Metricís Lease Sales Manager Software is an Internet based software program for the leasing industry.  It provides an advanced real-time pricing engine, deploys private label websites quickly and easily, offers credit scoring, improves work flow and productivity, and it can deliver completed documents over the Internet.

Capital Stream.gif (2430 bytes) Makers of System 1 Software, provide a superior one-stop platform for front- end automation, addressing the entire lease origination process,   including contract management, automated credit and documents. Because System 1 is Internet-ready, it supports e-mail communication with business contacts and outside service providers, such as credit bureaus and UCC filing services, and it can be integrated with your existing internal business systems and databases.

Powerful tools produce powerful savings. Sophisticated software is a prerequisite for efficient lease management, but the high cost of purchasing, using and maintaining software (and the hardware to support it) can be more than smaller organizations can undertake. By bringing together the powerful tools available through CapitalStream, LeasePlus, PTMS, and Taxware, Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. creates an automated environment that simplifies lease management, controls costs, and puts state-of-the-art management within the reach of every leasing company.



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