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Our Partners

Our most valuable asset
is the people who serve you.

"We're small, nimble and entrepreneurial, so we're quick to assimilate leading edge technologies -- and flexible enough to respond rapidly to any problem our clients present."

Samuel N. Oliva, CPA, CMA, CLP, Managing Partner

"The successful business is the business that manages information, the business that makes information work for them."

Saul Cohen, CPA, CVA, Partner

"Loyalty and trust are the cornerstones of every successful business relationship."

Jay W. Dahl, CPA, CLP, Partner

"It's gratifying to see our clients emerge in their industries, carve out their own niche, and know that ECS played a part in their success."

Nancy A. Geary, CPA, CLP, Partner

"Founded with the vision of helping clients achieve their goals, we are committed to excellence and dedicated to the principle that our clients' success is our success."

Edwin C. Sigel, CPA, Founding Partner, Chairman of the Board

"We are committed to helping our clients achieve their financial goals. Our job is to present useful information so our clients can make better decisions today in order to become the companies of tomorrow."

Nancy J. Grimmenga, Principal

"A player can win a game, but a team wins championships" Michael Jordan
"We at ECS Financial Services possess the knowledge of the game plan and the entrepreneurial spirit to help you bring home the trophy"

Mitchell M.Cohen, CPA , Principal

"We take challenges and pitfalls of business and turn them into opportunities and relationships by working with each of our clients as a part of them. Their success is our reward."

Shari L. Lipski, CLP, Principal



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