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A business partnership that pays off
now, and as your enterprise grows.

Your business is our primary concern. Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. is a full-service accounting firm -- large enough to provide comprehensive resources, yet small enough to offer highly personalized service. By targeting our practice to entrepreneurial businesses, high-net-worth individuals and the leasing industry, ECS enhances the service available to clients often marginalized by the Big Five accounting firms.

With more than 150 years combined experience working with closely-held businesses, ECS can provide expertise and insight beyond the reach of bookkeepers and accounting clerks. We're more than just accountants. As consultants and strategists deeply involved in your business, and dedicated to your success, Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. solves business problems.

We get to know your business -- almost as well as you do. With in-depth experience in manufacturing, real estate and construction, professional services, leasing, and many other industries, ECS can short-circuit the learning curve and focus on your special circumstances. And because half of our staff has been with Edwin Sigel for more than 10 years, start-up training pays off for your business for years to come.

Our team goes the distance. While larger firms rotate young staff through client assignments -- especially smaller businesses -- ECS partners your business with a stable financial management team, including a staff accountant and an accessible partner, backed by the firm's full resources and expertise. By stabilizing your accounting relationship, we ensure that ECS is ready to help project sales revenues and production costs, develop business plans, project taxes and depreciation, and secure financing that helps develop your enterprise.

We put technology to work -- in our office and yours. Through ECS, your business benefit from state-of-the-art technology usually available only to the largest enterprises. To enhance efficiency, reduce costs and protect critical deadlines, ECS depends on computerized tax libraries, automated tax preparation and sophisticated job tracking software. A WAN links our office to Boston and Denver, and our T1 line ensures 7 x 24 Internet access to download files, exchange spreadsheets and advise you by e-mail -- in a hands-on work process that saves time and money.

Our portfolio extends beyond the conventional. At Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd., you'll find not only superior accounting and taxation services, but also diverse management consulting services, including recruitment and training of financial managers, negotiation of real estate leases, selection of appropriate technology, development of benefit plans, estate and retirement planning, and business valuations. ECS is also one of the very few CPA firms providing lease management services to the equipment leasing industry.

We deliver value. Because Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd.'s partners represent an array of specialized expertise (CPA, CMA, MBA, CVA, MST, CLP, real estate broker, licensed business broker, registered investment licensee and licensed continuing professional education provider), our team can meet varied needs for business counsel -- whether you're launching a new product line or acquiring a competitive business. Yet hourly fees for ECS partners with 15 years of experience are no more than Big Five fees for first-year staff accountants.

History enriches our practice. Founded as a sole proprietorship by Edwin C. Sigel in 1962, ECS has grown by identifying and recruiting outstanding CPAs; staying ahead of the technology curve; and acquiring other practices that fit well with our mix of skills, experience and clients. Managing Partner Samuel N. Oliva was the first to join Sigel, in 1978, prompting rapid growth and relocation from the Chicago Loop to the first of several increasingly spacious offices in Northbrook, Illinois. During the next 20+ years, Partners Jay Dahl, and Nancy Geary joined the firm; ECS merged with Partner Saul Cohen's substantial tax and accounting practice; and ECS made a series of productive acquisitions. As the practice grew, ECS enhanced client service and capacity by installing the most up-to-date technology, upgrading to a Microsoft NT server with Windows 95 workstations and adding a T-1 line in 1998. Today Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. occupies 7500 square feet of office space, with a staff of 26, including six partners, 16 staff accountants, a firm administrator and three technical support staff -- all dedicated to the needs of more than 1000 clients in diverse industries.

Superior accounting services are available right in your own backyard. Located in Northbrook, Illinois, just north of Chicago, ECS is minutes away from I-294, with easy access to businesses throughout Chicagoland, including both the city and suburbs.

We help clients plan ahead, move ahead and stay ahead. Our entrepreneurial and creative style helps clients improve profitability and achieve business goals. We'll celebrate your success -- even when you grow beyond us: when you're ready to go public, Edwin C. Sigel, Ltd. will help you negotiate the complexities of financing and underwriting and we also work with you to build a relationship with an accounting firm that can lead your business into the future.



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